Wait, a pickle what?

The Pickle Challenge! The premiere pickle-based Magic Online stream for charity on Twitch!

That… Doesn’t explain anything.

 I *hate* pickles. A fact that chat found out on my first charity stream at twitch.tv/ilyontv/ Soon huge donations poured in asking for me to eat a pickle. Others agreed to pay more to watch me suffer through eating my least favorite food and the challenge was born. Last year, with two events we raised $5,331.00 for Doctors Without Borders… And I had to drink a pickle smoothie.

Was that as bad as it sounds?

Worse. Chat chose the ingredients.

So what’s happening this year for the challenge?

I’m glad you asked, imaginary person! We’re having the challenge over four days, from May 5th to the 8th. As we raise money on May 5th and 6th, it adds time to the final challenge day, with the maximum time going to fourty – yes 40 – hours long! We’ve got physical challenges along the way (like that pickle smoothie… Mmmmm…), and a bunch of awesome swag too from NumotGaming.com, InkedGaming.com, and alterist Emily Dahms – including artist prints and exclusive playmats! All the money raised goes to Doctors Without Borders, a charity I’m intensely passionate about. In their own words:

“Doctors Without Borders, known internationally as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters, and exclusion from healthcare in more than 60 countries. On any one day, more than 31,000 Doctors Without Borders doctors, nurses, logisticians, water-and-sanitation experts, administrators, and other medical and non-medical professionals can be found providing assistance to people caught in crises around the world.” Put simply Doctors Without Borders works in the most dangerous parts of the world saving lives. The least we can do is help them get there.

Donate on May 5th – 8th at tiltify.com/events/pickle-challenge-iv to help.