The Standard Showdown is coming, and with it are some cool new reward packs. Starting November 26th and continuing each Saturday until Dec. 17th, the Standard Showdown is a special event showcasing everything to love about Standard. To support this, Wizards have handed out new Standard Showdown packs to participating stores.

These boosters will contain:

  • A premium (foil) card from a currently legal Standard set, including Zendikar Expeditions and Kaladesh Inventions, not including double-faced cards
  • Two non-premium cards that are either rare or mythic rare from a set currently legal in Standard* (Battle for Zendikar through Kaladesh)

*Cards from Oath of the Gatewatch and double-faced cards are not included.

In addition to being available at Standard Showdowns, the Holiday Buy-a-box promotion at participating stores will also include a Standard Showdown pack while supplies last.

Want to see them in action? I received three packs from Wizards to open live on stream:

This post was a sponsored endorsement by Wizards of the Coast, who provided the Standard Showdown Packs. For more information or to find participating stores, check out