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Vintage at GP LA

This past weekend was Grand Prix Los Angeles, and although Modern was the main focus it was also a good weekend for Magic’s oldest format. In addition to the Main Event being won by local LA Vintage player Simon Slutsky (who also plays Merfolk in Vintage appropriately enough), Channel Fireball had a sanctioned Vintage side…

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Living Large Goes Vintage – Episode 1

Welcome to Vintage, a format that significantly rewards deckbuilding and play skill. In these videos I go over my StoneBlade deck, which revolves around two combos: Stoneforge Mystic + Batterskull, and Deceiver Exarch + Splinter Twin. Shelled around a blue cantrip and permission engine, these two combos can help battle the Monastery Mentor induced metagame…

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What Now?

Around a week and a half ago the Vintage community started buzzing with rumors that the April 4th Ban and Restricted list announcement would have “a major shakeup” to the format. After a week and half of speculation and discussion, we finally got confirmation from Wizards of the Coast what the next three months of…

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