Tag: Tyler Hess

BadGuyBrews – A Dump of Wumps

So there is a new promo out — Wump, Party Starter. He really has gotten the party started and the deck Ideas flowing. I believe that there are a couple of interesting directions that you can take Wump because he improves the value of a few cards that were undervalued in closed betaand are only seeing play now in…

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BadGuyBrews – Bloodrite Armory

I was challenged by another Discord Moderator to find a deck that could successfully play multiple Bloodrite Kalis. I accepted their challenge and quickly confirmed that sacrificing your board position was generally a bad thing. I needed to build around cards that would add value when sacrificed. Naturally, I looked first at cards with Entomb….

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The Quest For Value

I know I haven’t been as active as I would have liked to have been posting new deck brews to Reddit. The reason being I have been testing multiple versions of a handful of decks.  Due to the meta game being in constant flux, I felt like I needed to test a lot of different…

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