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Esper Puppet in Standard

I’ll skip the introduction as I am sure many of you know me and if not, that is completely fine as today I would rather the focus be on a pretty sweet new Standard deck. Zac Elsik mentioned the list a few days ago, but I wanted to expand on it a bit. Early on…

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Shock Puppet Featured Image

Elsik Brews: Esper Shock Puppet

This week I want to take a look at a sweet Standard deck that I originally saw Conley Woods playing on Twitch one night. He named it “Shock Puppet” after the main win condition in . This deck caught my eye because it plays with some uncommon Standard cards as well as one of my favorite…

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Elsik Brews: Gideons in Modern & Tezzerets in Standard

For a while now we’ve seen hold his place as a dominant force in Standard. on the other hand has seen a reasonable amount of play in Modern in various and Thoper Sword half-prison, half-combo decks. However, with the recent introduction of Ixalan and some planeswalker rule changes, these two story-line characters deserve a spotlight…

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U/R Getcha 2.0

U/R Getcha 2.0 New sets are always fresh and exciting, and Oath of the Gatewatch is no exception. While the impact on older formats is generally negligible, Standard changes heavily and is filled with innovative decks until the format eventually settles. While staple decks from the previous standard are often well-represented, altering their components to…

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