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Going Deep – Brewers Wanted

At this point we have been playing Eternal for the better part of 6 months, with many decks going in-and-out of favor, and an incredible amount of creativity from a whole range of brewers! We have figured out every possible deck by now right? Wrong! I truly think there is a ton of room for…

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Going Deep – Control In Eternal

Hi Friends! Neon is back for another round of fringe decks in Masters. Today’s deck-tech will focus on a Feln Control list from SirRhino, but will dip into a bigger discussion about the position of the control in Eternal. Visit our card database or check out our set review series : Time | Primal | Shadow…

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Going Deep: Fringe Decks in Eternal’s Master League

Hello! My name is Jesse Harris, also known as Neon. I have been kicking around the Eternal community since June, and have been working on Eternal content from very early on. You may know me for my Podcast on Eternal, which has had a parade of fabulous guests, most notably Patrick Chapin. If you haven’t…

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