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Sealed Fate | 3-Pack Sealed

On October 7th Wizards announced a playtest version of a league system in stores around the world featuring: A 30-card deck made from 3 booster packs to start with A new booster pack every week, offering players to rebuild their decks as often as they’d like A new booster pack after three losses Matches that…

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Sealed Fate –Building A Sealed Deck

With Magic release weekend and GP Atlanta about to begin, we felt new players might want some advice on the basics of building a sealed deck.  This week JB brings you his thoughts. Building a Sealed deck can be an exciting process. But it can also feel daunting or even overwhelming for a player new to…

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Sealed Fate – Approaching Sealed

My first Grand Prix was in Atlanta in November of 2015. The format was sealed. Leading up to the main event, I approached Battle for Zendikar sealed the same as I would Battle for Zendikar draft, presuming that the draft synergies/strategies were relevant in sealed. After many hours of practice, I had high hopes that…

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