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Becoming a Draft Master: Part 2 – Reading Signals

Hello and welcome back to my series on Eternal drafting strategy! This article will focus on reading signals. Since I will be drawing heavily on the concepts from the previous article on card evaluation, you may want to go read that one first before jumping into this one. So, in case you missed it two weeks…

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Bartholo is Nerfed, Long Live Bartholo

As you may know there was a recent announcement to some balance changes coming to Eternal. If you didn’t you can click here to read directly from Scarlatch, one of the developers at Direwolf Digital, but the tl;dr is this Bartholo, the Seducer – Now 4JJS with Ultimate: Pay 7 (instead of 3JJS and Ultimate:…

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Becoming a Draft Master: Part 1 – Card Evaluation

Hello everyone and welcome to Part 1 of my guide to drafting. The intended audience for this guide is players without much of a drafting background or intermediate players striving to reach the next level. Maybe you played a few Magic: the Gathering drafts but lapsed and feel rusty. Maybe you’ve tried a few Eternal…

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