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Elsik Brews: Forbidden Curse

Recently at my local game store I stumbled upon this hilariously awesome deck that I just had to share. It’s a very unusual deck in that it aims to give the opponent a ton of creature tokens which in turn drain the opponent for a single life point, repeatedly, until they are dead. Just take…

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Shock Puppet Featured Image

Elsik Brews: Esper Shock Puppet

This week I want to take a look at a sweet Standard deck that I originally saw Conley Woods playing on Twitch one night. He named it “Shock Puppet” after the main win condition in . This deck caught my eye because it plays with some uncommon Standard cards as well as one of my favorite…

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Elsik Brews: ETBeatdown

Often I enjoy looking for innovative Modern decks on the forums or from recent Magic Online leagues. Occasionally I decide to build a deck from scratch and just toss it into the wide open world of Modern to see how it does. This week’s deck is just that, a deck that I’ve brewed up from…

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Elsik Brews: Gideons in Modern & Tezzerets in Standard

For a while now we’ve seen hold his place as a dominant force in Standard. on the other hand has seen a reasonable amount of play in Modern in various and Thoper Sword half-prison, half-combo decks. However, with the recent introduction of Ixalan and some planeswalker rule changes, these two story-line characters deserve a spotlight…

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