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Puppet’s Frequently Asked Questions

Before I wrap up our discussion on control decks in Standard, I wanted to present my current list and then discuss every card not in it. Well, not every card, but at least the ones most commonly asked about by people on social media, or viewers of my stream (Conley81 on Twitch). As I have…

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Pulling The Strings: A Guide To Sideboarding with Puppets

Last week, we got into some of the basic play patterns and concepts found in Esper Puppet, a control deck utilizing as its win condition. This week, I wanted to get into a little more shop talk as we talk about exactly how to tune your Puppet list to beat an expected metagame. This includes…

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Esper Puppet in Standard

I’ll skip the introduction as I am sure many of you know me and if not, that is completely fine as today I would rather the focus be on a pretty sweet new Standard deck. Zac Elsik mentioned the list a few days ago, but I wanted to expand on it a bit. Early on…

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