Welcome to my Shadows Over Innistrad Momir set review! For those uninitiated, this a Magic Online only format which is comprised of only Basic Lands; you start the game with a Vanguard called Momir Vig, which essentially acts as an Emblem that says “X, Discard a card: Put a token onto the battlefield that’s a copy of a creature card with converted mana cost X chosen at random. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery and only once each turn.” Basically, Momir Basic is a combat oriented format with a small amount of variance. Each time a new set is released, I get extremely excited with the prospects of potentially playing the new cards in Momir.

As excited as I am for playing Shadows Over Innistrad in the contexts of Constructed and Limited, I’m sadly not as excited for the purposes of Momir Basic, mostly because a few of the main themes and abilities don’t actually work in this format. Similarly with original Innistrad, Transform is a nombo in this format, as tokens don’t have a backside to transform into; therefore, you better hope the front side is really good because you are not getting the opportunity to flip it. Also, Delirium is another ability that just doesn’t work with the Momir format – sadly the only card type that’s going into your graveyard is Land. As a result, most of the cards with Transform and Delirium will manifest as underpowered vanilla creatures in Momir. That said, Innistrad 2.0 does offer some new and exciting offerings that I look forward to getting.


5:  Creatures that most likely will win you the game on the spot. (i.e Azorious Guildmage, Hoverguard Sweepers, Craterhoof Behemoth).
4:  Creatures that will win the game if not dealt with; usually high power evasive creatures fit this role. (i.e. Terravore)
3:  Creatures with good stats for their mana costs, or ones that give you a small card or mana advantage.
2:  Creatures that have average stats for their mana cost, but will quickly be outclassed.
1:  Cards that are a body, but have awful stats for their mana cost. (Most 1 drops, Scornful Egotist)
0:  Cards in which you lose the game on the spot (i.e. Phage the Untouchable, Leveler)

One Mana:

Chaf – Town Gossipmonger | Village Messenger | Thraben Gargoyle | Stern Constable | Thraben Inspector | Topplegeist | Indulgent Aristocrat | Sanitarium Skeleton | Falkenrath Gorger | Insolent Neonate | Loam Dryad – 1.0


You never want to start your game of Momir by playing a 1 drop creature. There are over 600 eligible one CMC creatures, and they have an average power/toughness of 1/1 with irrelevant abilities. You have about a 1-2% chance to get one that actually does much more. Further, as you want to hit the big bombs at CMC 8, I highly suggest don’t try to start your curve at one; unnless you’re Paul Cheon. As a result, I’m going to give almost all of the one drops a very low rating.

Groundskeeper – 2.5

This is actually one of the one drops that are actually quite decent. This card advantage engine can ‘draw’ you a lot of cards. However the tempo loss of 2 mana per turn could be detrimental. In a stalemate, it could win you the game. However, this is a reprint and is thus already eligible in Momir; he still isn’t worth trying to get a 1 CMC creature.

Two Mana:

Goblin Pikers – Daring Sleuth | Heir of Falkenrath | Gibbering Fiend | Hinterland Logger – 1.0


These cards are pretty much the bottom of the barrel when it comes to your two drops. I usually only start my Momir game with a two drop when I’m on the draw, in order to start to gain a board presence whilst also be able to hit your 8 drop in a few turns. Obviously I’m always hoping to see the beautiful Azorious Guildmage come down, but that’s very rare. On the flipside, you’ll get 2/1 creatures, which isn’t where you want to be. Technically they are bodies to attack and block with, but they were seldom get you very far in your crusade.

Grizzly Bears – Hanweir Militia Captain | Moorland Drifter | Duskwatch Recruiter | Ghoulcaller’s Accomplice – 1.5

Grizzly bears (2 mana 2/2 with no additional abilities) are the cornerstone of any Magic format; Momir is no different. They’re nothing spectacular but they do a decent job of being a body. They don’t die to 1/1s like their Goblin Piker buddies, but they can trade up to X/2s that your opponent gets throughout the game.

Relentless Dead2

Constructed all-star in multiple formats! In Momir, it’s boring and blah. At best it will get in 2-6 points of damage before it trades with your opponent’s bad 3 drop, at worst it’ll do absolutely nothing. This is slightly better than other grizzly bears because of its evasion, but it isn’t too much better.

Deathcap Cultivator – 3.5

Another mana Myr to add to the arsenal. Nothing too exciting, especially since it will never gain deathtouch, but I will always be happy to get a mana accelerator on turn 2. One of the pillars of Momir is mana acceleration and this fits that bill.

Mana Scribe – 1

There are definitely worse 2 drops in this format, but I think this is the bottom of the barrel. Out of the hundreds/thousands of Momir games I have played, I may have one by decking my opponent only a handful of times – mostly by an unchecked Szadek, Lord of Secrets . This one–shot 3 card mill will not get you there, and will sometimes help your opponent get closer to threshold.

Obsessive Skinner – 1.5

This is Ironshell Beetle with more relevant creature types. Sadly like his beetle bretheren, you’ll rarely already have a creature in play to pump. Thus he will almost always just be a grizzly bear himself. Does that mean he has to skin his own hide?

Asylum Visitor – 3.0

If this card can stay in play for 5-6 turns, you’ll definitely be a visitor of Profittown. It can also block to kill higher CMC creatures, which is a great bonus. While I would much prefer Dark Confidant or Sindbad, I’m still crazy for her.

Scourge Wolf – 2.0

A 2/2 first striker will do one of two things: either it will be a wonderful blocker for four turns in a row, or it will get outclassed the very next turn. First strike is much more relevant than Relentless Dead’s Menace, but it still lacks something to make it very strong. The art is pretty sweet, though.

Thalia’s Lieutenant – 1.75

A 1/1 for 2 isn’t initially exciting, particularly since you will rarely have any humans already in play. However, there are a good amount of human creatures across all of Magic, so I would be ecstatic to see this guy becoming a 3/3 or a 4/4. On average, however, getting stronger than a 2/2 will be rare.

Rattlechains – 2.5

Two mana two power fliers can be pretty deadly in this format. Chaining fliers when your opponent can only muster ground creatures can really rattle them. All other text on this guy doesn’t exist.

Olivia’s Bloodsworn – 2

Like I said above, two power two cost fliers are great. However, the inability to block in the mid-late game could make this guy useless fast. Further, I swear that I can’t imagine using his last ability, as you are typically tapping out for your creatures each turn.

Thing in the Ice | Moldgraf Scavenger – 1.5

As excited I am for Thing in the Ice in constructed formats, it will sadly never melt in Momir. That said, 0/4 defenders can save some precious life during the course of a game. The real flavor win will have this out alongside either Ghost Ship or Pirate Ship. Similarly, Moldgraf Scavenger will never be Delirious, but does seem like a Fungi.

Kessig Forgemaster – 2.5

I’ve always been a fan of Ashmouth Hound as my two drop and this is its hound sister. It’s effectively a 3/1 in creature combat, but has the added benefit of effectively having First Strike against x/1s. Depending on your opponent’s luck, you can get a good amount of damage with her.

Devilthorn Fox – 2.0

This is strictly better than a Goblin Piker, but I think it’s technically worse than our Forgemaster above. It will certainly trade up with your opponent and put pressure on them, but the thorn in the side is that it will most likely die to a 1/1.

Lambholt Pacifist – 2.0

There are a couple dozen 2 mana 3/3s, and this is probably one of the weaker ones. It can indeed block incredibly well and is hard to outclass in combat in the first few turns; however, the rider may prevent you from attacking with her for a few turns. Her biggest downside is that her transform ability will trigger every turn, so please set your auto-yields accordingly, my friends.

Unruly Mob – 2.0

This is a reprint, so you won’t see this guy any more than you already have in Momir. However, I always like a bearded guy with a pitchfork so I’m going to talk about it anyway. If you can afford to hold off attacking with this guy for a while, whilst he takes advantage of his comrades’ demise, he will get big fast. Don’t be afraid to cash him in the mid game, because trading up is always advantageous in this format.

Erdwal Illuminator – 2.5

Dying to early fliers is a real possibility in Momir. Most of the early ones are either 2/1s or 2/2, which Erdwal can block quite effectively. Unfortunately, I can only see his 2nd ability occurring in rare circumstances, I do think it will illuminate a way to victory.

Furtive Homunculus – 1.75

I almost grouped this guy with all of the other Goblin Piker stat cards; however, he technically has an evasive ability. I’m not a fan of skulk in this format with power greater than 1, particularly one that can readily die to 1/Xs. The good news is that if you opponent only has 3+ power on the board he can find a way to deal a moderate amount of damage. The bad news is that your opponent has only 3+ power on the board to beat you back.

Seagraf Skaab | Sanguinary Mage – 1.5

Obviously I do prefer Erdwal Illuminator as my 1/3 two-drop. But, a 1/3 can indeed block and survive the average two and three drops your opponents can muster. It will never do much more than that.

Pale Rider of Trostad – 1.5

I like my two drops like I like my coffee: Pale and Skulky. In this format – and I could be wrong – a 3 power skulk isn’t going to be as effective as you’d want it to be. On top of that, you’re required to discard a card. This headless horseman will undoubtedly deal a good amount of damage, but I’m not convinced the drawback is worth it.

Rancid Rats – 2.5

This is the type of skulk creature I can get behind! A 1/1 deathtoucher is going to be one of those creatures that you want to save as a blocker for something big to trade up with. In the meantime, you’re going to get a good amount of free damage with this usually-unblockable ability.

Ember-Eye Wolf – 1.5

Sweet art, sweet flavor text, meh card. In a typical momir game, the player on the draw plays a creature first, usually the two drop. Therefore, if you get this as your first guy, you will definitely hit for at least one. Unfortunately the ability isn’t necessarily a great ability, but you can get some free damage in if you dare your opponent to block with his X/3.

Ravenous Bloodseeker – 1.5

Similar to the 1/3 skaab, this guy can do a decent job blocking for the first few turns. Unlike the skaab, this guy has the ability to pump himself to kill some higher cost creatures; discarding a card, though, is pretty significant for a 1-for-1 trade and I can’t think of many instances in which I would want to lose a card for.

Quilled Wolf – 2.0

This is the type of two drop grizzly bear that I like. You can trade with it early if you’d like, but it gives you a good amount of utility later on in the game. On turn 6, you can swing with this guy into your opponent’s board with the threat of activating this ability in order to eat one of their creatures; typically they won’t block and then you get in free incidental damage.

Veteran Cathar – 2.0

Most of the time Cathar will just be a typical 2/2 for 2 mana. His ability, however, can make combat particularly difficult for you opponent. For starters, he can give himself double strike to kill a x/2 blocking it, but what particularly appeals to me is being able to give beefier humans double strike later on in the game.

Three Mana:

Bloodmad Vampire – 2.0

I don’t ever see getting his ability to trigger in a game of Momir. Even if you for whatever reason get his ability to trigger once, he’s still pretty bad. The great thing about him is that you can leave him on defense and trade up quite well. Whenever you can trade your 3CMC creature for their 5CMC creature, that’s a win!


Convicted Killer | Diregraf Colossus | Harvest Hand | Silverfur Partisan – 1.5

What’s more boring than a 1/1 for 1? Answer: 2/2 for 3. Sure, the Wolf has trample, but I will actually pay you $5 for every time it actually does come up in a game. These are the cards that will make you slump in your seat. They don’t actively lose you the game, but they most likely won’t help you either.

Hermit of the Natterknolls | Kindly Stranger | Militant Inquisitor – 1.75

The only constructive thing I have to say about any of these is that if this was a MoJhoSto format review, then the Inquisitor will probably have a higher rating.

Vanilla 3/2 for 3 – Dauntless Cathar | Paranoid Parish-Blade | Vampire Noble – 2

Now obviously these are better than the 2/2s but worse than the 3/3s, you don’t need to be reading this article to figure this out. One thing I will say is that sometimes in Momir, your 3/2s can develop the tempo of the early game. Some opponents don’t care to trade and instead will let your creatures through in the hopes to swing back. For this reason in spots like this, I sometimes tend to attack before I creature a Momir creature in order to prevent my opponent from having perfect information when blocking. This can, at times, give you the tempo advantage.

Breakneck Rider | Inexorable Blob | Prized Amalgam – 2.5

Here we have the bread and butter of the three drops. They aren’t fancy; they don’t do anything but beat down and are above curve. The can and will probably outclass most of your opponents creatures until turn five or six, dealing upwards of 9 damage and potentially trading up later on. The only regret is that I can never turn on the Ooze in Momir.

Bygone Bishop – 2.5

This is certainly not Mentor of the Meek, which is one of my favorite three drops in the format. In normal Magic, it may serve a similar role. In Momir, however, it’s merely a 2/3 flier. Don’t get me wrong, I would be more than happy with these stats at the three drop, but I cringe when I think about that bygone value.

Byway Courier – 2.5

 This is a solid card. It can trade up at times, it can block something with equal power, all whilst popping out a clue token. Now that I think about it, where does the Clue token come from? Is he kind of like the Diva from the Fifth Element and give you the Clue Stones when he dies? Regardless, I obviously prefer Matter Reshaper over this guy, but I still can’t say no to a little value.

Cathar’s Companion | Wicker Witch – 1.5

This, my friends, is Pitbull himself. Its power is equal to the number of Pitbull songs I like, and its toughness is equal to the number of Pitbull songs I can name. They are both pretty ugly. Unfortunately, this guy will never gain indestructible, and is a strictly worse than its SoI canine two drop counterpoint. I tacked on the Wicker Witch here because the stats are the same, but my Pitbull comments still apply.

Crow of Dark Tidings | Niblis of Dusk – 2

The triggered abilities on the Crow confuses me. They will rarely every hurt you, and sometimes will make you achieve threshold quicker. However, this guy is a 2 power flier, and in certain Momir games, can chunk down your opponent quickly. It’s not great, but it’ll crow on you.

Farbog Revenant – 2.5

This is the kind of guy that can be very revenant if you’re hoping to get to the late game. Gain a few life points in the early game whilst being semi-unblockable later on. He can easily be a 10 point life swing.  Far bog it for me to say anything bad about him.

Geier Reach Bandit – 2.25

I had thought about putting this guy with the other 3/2s, but haste gives it just a little bit of extra utility to give her its own score. Even though in Momir you’ll never flip it, I find it odd that the backside doesn’t also have haste.

Gloomwidow – 2.75

This is a reprint, thus we won’t see it any more often than we already do, but it is a great card in the format. You’re going to have him sideways most of the time anyway for his rider clause to matter, and late game having reach is a fantastic ability to have.

Graf Mole – 2.5

Is this our first mole in Magic If so, I already want a lord! This dude is solid! A 2/4 for 3 can block almost everything early game and gains you some incidental life when you sacrifice a clue. With the huge cardpool Momir pulls from, you will rarely have this out alongside clues, but free life is free life.

Howlpack Wolf – 2.0

Like I said above, I really like 3/3 for 3s. However, not being able to block 90% of the time is actually a big deal. Attacking early is sweet, sure, but being able to trade up mid to late game is what made the 3/3s good.

Olivia, Mobilized for War – 4.5

Besides a few cards like Dogged Hunter as my 3 drop, I’m going to want to be slamming this red-headed war machine. Tempo/aggro can be a valid strategy with the right combination of cards. Olivia and her ability turns almost every subsequent drop to be a hastey fatty to swing with. In essence, she can single-handedly turn almost any subsequent creature into a great beater.


Pious Evangel – 2.5

A soul brother is a wonderful thing to have in this format, even if it only gains you life from your own creatures. Further, I can also see his sacrifice ability potentially matter every once in awhile, even if he can’t flip.

Reckless Scholar – 1.5

I hate 2/1 creatures for 2 mana, I hate it more if you make it more expensive. This ability honestly doesn’t matter in 9/10 games. That said, I’ve definitely used a loot effect in order to get the correct basic land or to interact with drawings cards. Most of the time, though, it’s going to recklessly die to a 1/1.

Sin Prodder – 2.25

Unless your opponent doesn’t know what they are doing or misclicks, this is nothing more than a 3/2 menace that mills you every turn, which is rarely relevant. This will deal some damage, but nothing too fancy.

Spectral Shepherd – 2.0

Similar to the 2/1 fliers we talked about earlier, this is solid as well. I don’t think the extra toughness is as relevant as it is on the ground, therefore the similar rating. I am curious if the activated ability will have any effect ever?

Stitched Mangler – 2.0

This guy adds more tempo than you’d think at first blush. Despite starting play tapped, he also locks down your opponent’s offense as well as their defense.

Stoic Builder – 3.0

This essentially says “Draw a card” for the purposes of Momir. This is pretty huge in this format, as such I won’t be sad to get a free 2/3 as my three drop.

Tireless Tracker – 3.5

I like this card quite a bit. A 3/2 for 3 already isn’t bad, but then you get upwards of 5-6 clues over the course of the game. I can definitely see myself foregoing a turn in order to cash in all these clues for that sweet sweet value.

Tooth Collector – 2.5

Everything about this card is solid: the art, the card name, and the card itself. It’ll trade up to a lot of 4 CMC creatures whilst killing 2 & CMCs when it enters play.

Ulrich’s Kindred – 2.5

Speaking of Solid creatures, this guy is that. A 3/2 for trample and can make itself not die in combat can either help you control the board in the early game, or get in a good amount of free damage. The added bonus is that you can give similar creatures the same bonus. Remember that changelings are wolves. I feel like we’re kindred spirits.

Uninvited Geist – 2.0

When I think of this card, I think of Kramer from Seinfeld. He just barges into your house whenever he pleases. Sadly this guy isn’t as cool as Kramer. Also unfortunate is that it’s only marginally better than other 2/2 for 3s.

Wild-Field Scarecrow – 3.0

I like scarecrow creatures, thematically, and this guy does his flavorful job by scaring your opponent from attacking. For three drops, I’m always excited to get a 3/3 or even a 3/2, but this guy can block all of that! He also has an ability that can draw you two cards!! He’s two clue token activations for the price of one. I will not be scared to play with this guy, even in the wild unknown field of Momir.

Four Mana:

Aberrant Researcher – 3.0

We don’t have to delve too far to see that Cloud Mantas are pretty good in a combat oriented format. However, milling yourself every turn doesn’t really add too much value.


Accursed Witch – 2.0

Curses that we cannot flip her in Momir! As such, she’s no better than core set cockroaches. However, either creature type may matter during the course of a game.

Altered Ego – 3.0

This format has quite the number of Clone effects already, mostly all in that 4 mana slot. All of its other text is irrelevant in Momir. Great to have if your opponent got a spicy four drop like a Flametongue Kavu, but still not as good as its Innistrad evil brother Evil Twin.

Apothecary Geist – 2.0

Four mana is a mana more than I’d be happy to spend on a 2/3 flier that gains me 3 life once in every 20 games I pull it. That said, a flier is a flier, and they’re worth their weight in ectoplasm.

Avacynian Missionaries | Soul Swallower | Stallion of Ashmouth – 2

I’m on a mission to like Hill Giants more, but I’m not equipped to so. I just can’t swallow the boring stats that they bring; they leave a bad ash taste in my mouth.

Briarbridge Patrol – 2.5

A hill giant that can potentially draw me a card or two during the course of the mid-game isn’t that awful. Its second half doesn’t work when we only play lands, but still a solidly average creature.

Drownyard Explorers – 3

A 2/4 can block about 80% your opponent’s early creatures, plus it clues you into another card. It’s not drowning with excitement, but it certainly isn’t bad.

Drunau Corpse Trawler – 3.0

I really like creatures that make additional tokens in this format. Whilst you only get 3/3 worth of stats, it’s ability can definitely mess up combat for the opposing player. I would insert a pun about a trawler here, but I’m not sure what a trawler is.

Elusive Tormentor – 3.0

I spent all spoiler season thinking she cost 5 mana, and thus her hype was elusive tome; then I realize people were talking about her essentially being a 5 drop if you want to protect her. You don’t need to do that in Momir since she can’t transform. A 4/4 for 4 is pretty insidious!

Forgotten Creation – 2.0

I’m not rating this any more than the other vanilla 3/3s for 4CMC, because its either of its abilities are rarely ever going to matter. I can see situations where this creates a benefit – say with Frogdad in play – but I think it will generally be forgotten.

Goldnight Castigator – 3.0

This one is difficult to evaluate. She is going to be difficult to kill, that much is evident. She is also a 6 turn clock alone starting the turn she’s in play. However, if she’s your only relevant creature, you may not win the damage race with her second ability active. Though, even if you leave her on Defense, an effective 4/5 flier is a good one to have in blocking situations. It will be hard to know when to be aggressive with her, so plan carefully.

Hulking Devil – 3.0

This Hulk does indeed smash. There only 16 creatures with the name HULK, and almost half of them have 5 power. I guess that’s where WotC like’s their hulks to be. This Devil will die to a sneeze, but can take down a 6 or 7 CMC creature with it.

Inquisitor’s Ox – 3.0

Oxen are pretty neat in Magic. A Lot of them have big butts and in a format like Momir where combat is king, being able to block most early-to-mid-drop creatures will help you defend your life total. Throwing this hauler down when you have a flier can be an easy race to win.

Inspiring Captain – 3.0

My disdain for Hill Giants ends here, where it gives you great utility, even for a turn. Imagine you and your opponent are at parity with your early drop creatures. This guy will allow you to get your opponent down five or so life with their added bonuses.

Intrepid Provisioner – 3.0

Yet another Hill Giant variant I enjoy! I had to read the name a few times, as my WORD refused to let “Provisioner” be a word. The early creature drops in Momir are swarming with humans! The utility this guy provides will help a good fraction of the time.

Mindwrack Demon – 3.0

As awesome as effective 4/5 fliers are, this is worse than Goldnight Castigator. Since Delirium is non-existent, you put yourself under a clock to win or die. You better check yourself before you mindwrack yourself, because if you hit one roadblock or snag, you’ll be killing yourself enough for the other player to take advantage.

Nearheath Chaplain – 2.0

I view this creature as a spell in Momir: “Destroy target 1/1 creature, gain 3 life”. It will sometimes make your opponent decide if they want to lose their 4/3 into it, but generally this card won’t help you win the game much.

Frank, Lepore Marshal – 3.5

Odric, Lunarch MarshalI’m calling it now; Frank is going to be good. Giving your whole team a slew of abilities is no joke, especially when they almost all deal with combat. Flying is the one I’m most excited about, but if you add lifelink or vigilance in there you are looking at a return on your four mana investment.


Pack Guardian – 3.0

I really like cards that give you choices in Momir. A four mana 4/3 isn’t generally bad, but it also gives you the option to discard a card for another dude! I can imagine many scenarios in which I would want to utilize this ability, both for offense and defense.

Pyre Hound – 1.5

Urg. This is one bad dog. A 2/3 with an ability that will never come up is heartsinking. Good luck winning this game.

Rottenheart Ghoul – 2.5

Card advantage is one of the pillars of this format; discard is one of the great ways to break card parity. My heart tells me, however, that getting this to trigger might be more difficult than it initially seems. A 2/4 will bounce off of 3/3 and by the time your rotten opponent cards to block with a creature big enough to kill it, they might not have any cards in their hand.

Runaway Carriage – 2.0

This card is a one-shot 5 damage, divided however your opponent chooses. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely won games with the assistance of damage fromCrumbling Colossus, but it’s too unreliable. Feel free to leave this back to block a fatty, however.

Silent Observer – 3.0

I’m not a fan of being too defensive in Momir. I prefer to be offense to hedge being destroyed by a big 8 drop from my opponent. However, if luck mandates that you need to be on defense, this guy is as good as any. This huge butt can block in the air and silently take down and x/1s along the way.

Solitary Hunter – 2.5

Whilst technically better than a Hill Giant, this wolf-man of solitude bores me. You’ll be outclassing the vast majority of your opponent’s 3 drops and a good amount of their 4 drops, however.

Stitchwing Skaab – 2.5

My girlfriend has the irrational opinion that Zombies in media that can run and jump are completely “unrealistic”. I can’t wait until I show her one that can fly! Very similar to our Delving friend, but that one less toughness can certainly matter in the air, which can certainly be filled with the fae and tiny birds.

Stromkirk Mentor – 2

While our friend is technically better than the Cursed Witch, the ability will only matter in very slim circumstances. Vampires aren’t a dime a dozen like humans are, unfortunately. However, if I even play this after I get a Vampire Nighthawk I could probably easily win that game.

Voldaren Duelist – 3

There are a good number of games where the game is won before any player hit their 8th land drop. Tempo can be a viable strategy and this card can potentially deal a lot of damage to your opponent and help you win the duel.

Five Mana:

Archangel Avacyn – 3.5

This girl has a lot of text for normal Magic. For Momir, however, she is little more than Serra Angel herself. Her indestructible ability can definitely be a tempo play, so be sure to play your five drop before you attack. She’s boring in this format, sure, but she’s a solid beater and there are only a few creatures that can block her profitably until you get to the 8th turn, thus most likely dealing a lot of damage whilst holding back your opponent’s 3/3 ground crew.


Cult of the Waxing Moon – 3

A 5/4 vanilla isn’t going to single handely win you the game, but it certainly will deal a massive blow to your opponent’s team.

Emissary of the Sleepless – 2.5

A flier with below the curve stats and practically no ability. Why does this have no ability? Because you’re going to generally want to play your 5 drop before you attack in the hopes of getting a haster or Avacyn herself. Even the sleepless can get a snore out of this.

Epitaph Golem | Lamplighter of Selhoff Twins of Maurer Estate – 2.5

3/5 creatures are generally what you’re going to expect as your 5 drop, at least on average. I do look forwarding to slamming this guy and yelling “What do you want on your tombstone!” I grouped the Lamplighter and the Twins in with the Golem, because their abilities aren’t relevant, and are thus essentially the same creature, but with less flavorful fun.

Geralf’s Masterpiece – 4.0

Geralf’s other masterpiece is a bomb and this one isn’t too far behind. It’ll start anywhere from the range of a 2/2 to a 4/4 and only gets bigger from there. After a few turns, few things can deal with a 7/7 flier.

Ghoulsteed – 2.5

This looks like a mount that I had in World of Warcraft. Unlike that, I don’t see myself utilizing this very well. It will gallop through some armies, but neigh-thing too extraordinary.

Hound of Farbogs – 2.5

5/3 is Far worse than a 5/4, as most creatures are going to have 3 power at this point in the game. Still, it can block quite well against a giant creature on your opponent’s side.

Incorrigible Youths – 3.0

I’m a big fan of haste in Momir. It’s the primary reason why you should play your creature before combat. 4/3 isn’t going to win games, but it will outclass most creatures on the other side of the battlefield at this point.

Markov Dreadknight – 4.0

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this guy will sometimes single handedly win you the game. After you get him on turn 5, use his ability twice on turn 6. After another turn of this, you’ve dealt 18 damage in two turns. I would only suggest this if your opponent doesn’t have a great offense or any flying blockers of his own, because this strategy will leave you defenseless.

Reaper of Flight Moonsilver | Stormrider Spirit – 3.0

Five mana. 3/3. Flier. Zero additional text. It gets a silver medal in my book, even if it has a storm spirit riding along.

Sage of Ancient Lore – 2.5

Maro cards are quite weak in a format where you want to play a land and discard a card every turn. Whilst almost any creature that says “draw a card” on it replaces itself, there will be too many times where this doesn’t affect the board.

Sigarda, Heron’s Grace – 3.5

I haven’t entirely pin-pointed where I want this iteration of Sigarda (hint: I much prefer her more graceful self). A 4/5 flier for 5 is fantastic in of itself; however both of her abilities will rarely matter, even if they technically add some value to her as a creature.

The Gitrog Monster – 4.5

The Gitfather is going to win you games. If you slam this down on turn 5, you get to immediately play your sixth land and then net draw an extra card per turn due to you discarding a land for Momir. To top it off, he’s a 6/6 deathtoucher, which is pretty above curve as it is, especially with his awesome abilities. One thing to note is that you don’t draw off of Dryad Arbor in case you 0CMC diehards are interested. This is, in my unhumble opinion, probably the best card in the set for this format.


Watcher in the Web – 3.5

I really like spiders in this format, as blocking fliers can save your life. What sets this guy apart is that he can make it very difficult for your opponent to win by blocking a web-ton of creatures. Avatar of Hope helps you from losing and this can too.

Wolf of Devil’s Breach – 3.5

There are dozens of 5/5 for cmc 5 in this format. Don’t get me wrong, a 5/5 for 5 is great to beat down with, but one that has no other text will not breach into my top 10 of the set.

Six Mana:

Flameblade Angel – 3.5

This angel of hell will swing quite nicely every turn, whilst also adding pressure to your opponent to not attack. I like generally like cards that make combat math and tempo very difficult for your opponent, and this one will definitely make them think twice.


Kessig Dire Swine – 3.5

Any 6/6 for 6 can wreak havoc with your opponent’s ability to block and attack. Even without the ability to gain trample, it’ll put the opposition in dire straights.

Morkrut Necropod – 3.0

My love for fear-inciting slugs is non-existent, but I do like this guy. He’ll certainly kill two or sometimes even more of opposing creatures. The drawback can be mitigated by getting rid of one of your defunct early drops.

Silburlind Snapper – 2.5

Big fat walls aren’t impressive, but they certainly do prevent a turtle-ton of damage!

Ulvenwald Hydra – 4

This reminds me a lot of a beautiful multi-headed baby of Primeval Titan and Terravore. Unfortunately, it is worse than both of its parents. It is definitely not a bad card to have, mind you. Similar to the new Frogfather in this set, it will get you a land into immediately and is a sizeable body. The reach ability is surprisingly a fantastic ability to have in Momir.

Seven Mana:

Drogskol Cavalry – 3.0

I don’t prescribe to the skol of thought that’s impressed with seven mana medium-sized creatures, even if they do have flying. However, Drogskol Cavalry can help you stabilize if you are slightly behind. If your opponent is beating down with fliers, you can untap, play your land, summon two chump blockers and gain 4 life. If you don’t follow this plan, 8CMC+ drops have about a dozen potential spirits to gain incidental life.

Nephalia Moondrakes – 3.5

Despite not being able to use half of this card, it can be a great tempo play if your opponent doesn’t have a flyer. Allowing your beefy ground creature to swing unblocked for a turn could help your get ahead in the race whilst having a 5/5 to attack next turn.

Eight Mana:

Angel of Deliverance – 3.5

Big dumb fliers as an 8 drop are a dime a dozen. However, if they are unchallenged, they will quickly deliver the killing blow. If Delirium could be activated, I’d love this card even more!