Welcome to another Modern Monday!

As you know, with our new format we’ll be streaming this week’s matches live on my Twitch channel at around 3 pm PDT (so be sure to follow or subscribe to know exactly when we go live).

If you happen to miss those or otherwise aren’t available for that, worry not! They’ll be posted here tomorrow morning to watch in their full glory along with a write up of the deck!

The deck we’re taking a look at today is insane and managed a Top 8 performance at an SCG States event in the hands of Tim Goodine. It hopes to utilize the combo of Pili-Pala and Grand Architect to create infinite mana, then win the game via cards like Hornet Queen or the much cooler Spawnsire of Ulamog. The deck looks crazy and I’m excited to try it out. Take a look!

2 Courser of Kruphix
4 Grand Architect
1 Hornet Queen
4 Pili-Pala
1 Spawnsire of Ulamog
2 Spellskite
4 Wall of Roots

4 Eternal Witness
4 Aether Vial
3 Blue Sun’s Zenith
4 Chord of Calling
4 Cryptic Command

4 Breeding Pool
1 Cavern of Souls
2 Flooded Grove
3 Forest
3 Ghost Quarter
2 Hinterland Harbor
3 Island
1 Lumbering Falls
4 Misty Rainforest

1 Void Grafter
1 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
1 Hornet Nest
1 Dismember
2 Obstinate Baloth
1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
2 Relic of Progenitus
2 Kitchen Finks
1 Engineered Explosives
2 Hurkyl’s Recall
1 Reclamation Sage

Like I said, the matches themselves will be livestreamed on my Twitch channel or in the window below. If you miss them, make sure to check back tomorrow for an article with my analysis of the deck and the videos that you can watch at your convenience!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the show!

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