If I recall correctly, it’s been about two years since I last played a deck that was mostly “all creatures.” In fact, I think the last version of the deck I played was in fact all creatures aside from the lands. This version, piloted by Stelle101 to a 5-0 finish, is a little different.

The concept is basically the same: 32 creatures of varying colors that can be cast off of obscure lands like Ancient Ziggurat and Pillar of the Paruns, only this time we have a handful of spells in two Abrupt Decay and four Path to Exile. The previous version was also more Human-based with full sets of things like Champion of the Parish and Experiment One. For that reason, we also saw Cavern of Souls in that version of the deck.

We’ve also added some newer cards to the mix, like Reflector Mage and Spell Queller. I mean, it would be a shame to put the Mage out to pasture once he rotates from Standard. Take a look.

2 Abrupt Decay
4 Ancient Ziggurat
4 Birds of Paradise
2 City of Brass
1 Forest
1 Gemstone Mine
2 Kitchen Finks
3 Lightning Angel
4 Mana Confluence
4 Mantis Rider
4 Noble Hierarch
4 Path to Exile
3 Pillar of the Paruns
4 Razorverge Thicket
3 Reflecting Pool
2 Reflector Mage
4 Siege Rhino
3 Spell Queller
3 Tidehollow Sculler
3 Voice of Resurgence

2 Anafenza, the Foremost
1 Dromoka’s Command
3 Fulminator Mage
2 Gaddock Teeg
2 Kataki, War’s Wage
1 Qasali Pridemage
1 Sigarda, Host of Herons
1 Sin Collector
2 Stony Silence

Look at that, we even have a Dromoka’s Command in the sideboard. That card simply won’t go away! Rightfully so, I suppose. It is a good one. I love seeing decks like this with some 17 lands that can (kind of) tap for any color of mana, but I am a little leery about having six lands that deal us a damage every time they’re tapped. Let’s see if they have an adverse effect on us.

Without fail, I will always get salty when playing against Burn in Modern. Without. Fail. Even when I win I’ll likely still get a little salty. There are just so many efficient spells that deal three damage! Maybe I just need to play Burn. I feel like the reason I even win against the deck is because some players don’t know how to utilize things like Skullcrack or Atarka’s Command properly, and if I can manage that myself, my win rate would go through the roof!

Burn decks aside, this was definitely a flashback to the earlier version we played. I’m not actually sure which is better, but both seemed powerful. One of the things that I found interesting is that this version of the deck has eight mana creatures in it, while the other version had eight…well, combat creatures, that grew with each other creature we played. I’m not sure which is more efficient. Clearly this one is better at casting our three-drops on turn two, but is a 1/1 that needs other creatures to be a more formidable threat really that much better of a top deck in the late game? That’s kind of the question.

Either way, Spell Queller is a heck of a card and the deck definitely puts enough pressure on to feel competitive. Just like the previous iteration of the deck it would seem. I’m usually a huge fan of decks like this because they utilize really powerful creatures that are otherwise too difficult to include in the same deck, like Siege Rhino and Reflector Mage and Mantis Rider. I mean…come on! That’s just awesome.

Another deck where, if you have access to the cards, I definitely suggest you try it and let me know how it goes. Follow me on social media, etc., and I’ll catch you next week!

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