Full Force drafting is a series dedicated to forcing archetypes in draft formats. Join me every Thursday as we learn the ins and outs of the most recent Magic draft formats.

The Twisted Colour Cube is ending, but for those Cube enthusiasts out there, I’d recommend giving it a try in real life if you can. The list is here and it’s absolutely wonderful. I enjoy the “regular” Magic Online Cube, especially the “Powered” version with the full Power 9 cards, but Simonot Timothee’s Cube was a refreshing break from Cube’s that often feel all too similar. It had awesome, powerful combos that I come to expect and enjoy Cube for, but in weird and unexpected places. Red/White reanimator decks, Blue aggro, Black sacrifice, Green/White control enchantment decks. They were all powerful, weird and very different than normal. To that end we played a sweet UR pinger list, as picked by you, the viewers.

If you do get a chance to play this Cube, (and I highly recommend it even if you need to build it in real life) the “Pinger” list needs one card above all others, Basilisk Collar. It honestly feels like the card is required to make the deck an archetype at all. In the games I played, it showed how powerful it was as my opponent constantly tapped and then untapped mana in the face of it, realizing whatever they had to play was actually useless and in a few short turns the game was over. Beyond that and three or four pingers (Goblin Sharpshooter is probably the best), look for other synergies. A lot of the decks required a huge commitment, like enchantments, where every pick that wasn’t an enchantment or used them felt bad, but the UR pingers were an almost effortless splash in token making lists with Krenko, Mob Boss and Opposition, or with Wizards (which also gives you access to the super underrated Willbreaker), or spell heavy Grixis decks.

Stop by next Thursday for when we go back to Kaladesh for the last time!