OK. Let’s get it out of the way early.

But Blue-Green Ramp won the vote! What gives? Are you just a scam artist? Why do you have a Patreon with less than 300 Youtube subs?! ARE YOU A HACK FRAUD?!!

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Yes, yes. All of this is true, I admit. Listen – On Full Force, I shy away from decks that are built around rares because the feasibility of opening that specific rare makes it impossible to reliably make the deck. So when I see a value train like Fraying Sanity come by, you better believe I have to hop on!

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(Fraying Sanity value train pictured above)

So without further ado, let’s check out some Fraying Sanity!

That went about as well as expected. The draft was an absolute disaster, from start to finish… And I loved having my opponent scoop to the Sanity that one time. As you would think, the deck couldn’t close out games and Fraying Sanity was not a particularly useful card, but it was a ton of fun to make the attempt.

Despite Fraying Sanity being the steaming hot garbage we all thought it was, trying to draft around it made me wonder about the viability of an actual mill deck, that doesn’t even care about Fraying Sanity. Maybe this is just the fever dream of a drafting madman, but so far Hour of Devastation is fast – but not as fast as Amonkhet was and with Seer of the Last Tomorrow being at common, it is possible (although not likely) that a control deck could want to pick up 3-4 copies to have an alternate mill win condition

Every time I was losing in this draft, I was thinking that if I just had a Seer, I’d actually have had a fighting chance – and it makes sense when you think about it; The Seer has great stats for slowing the game down, shutting off a lot of aggressive creatures with its 4 toughness and on top of that, three cards a turn is the real deal when you only have to get through a 40 card deck. Add on that with Eternalize and Embalm, you can take advantage of the discard downside and it’s something I’m willing to try. I won’t be trying it next week, since I have a Blue-Green Ramp deck to make up for you, but I’ll absolutely be brewing some more controlling archetypes to fit this in.

Oh… And in those mill decks I’d like to try? I won’t even consider Fraying Sanity. It is exactly as awful as it seems, even in that deck. It simply requires too many other mill cards and not enough exist in the format to support it.

See you next week for the Blue-Green ramp deck on Full Force!