Everyday there are people in need and it is often hard to take time out of our everyday lives to help others. Our friend Melissa has volunteered her time and energy to help give something back. Today we had the opportunity to ask Melissa about what she was doing and why.

Tell us a little bit about Extra Life.

Extra Life is a charity for gamers that raises money for children’s hospitals. They do a 24 hours stream every year on September. We (Wizards) are streaming MTG and D&D and doing donation drives with tons of giveaways. It’s a fun way to raise money while also playing and watching games.

Visit the Magic Team Page or visit Melissa’s Personal Page

Which specific charity have you chosen to support?

Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, RI, where I’m from.

I know you participated in the Extra Life charity last year, how did your charity drive go?

Last year we did the 24 hour D&D and MTG stream. I streamed Legacy Cube and BFZ Sealed with some known MTG personalities like Kimberly Kreines (Story Team and lead for Amonkhet world) and Marshal Sutcliffe (MTG commentator and host of Limited Resources podcast). We had lots of fun and raised a lot of money (I don’t remember how much). We gave away rewards like foil sheets, complete sets, commander’s arsenals, and lots of other stuff. Kimberly also gave away MTG necklaces (she’s doing that again this year, so check out her page).

What are your goals for this year?

I have a personal 1k goal but my main goal is to get people involved in the charity by watching the stream, being involved, and donating.

When and where will people be able to watch you play?

Saturday, September 17th. I’ll be on from 12pm – 4pm PST doing an event called “Donation Sealed.” I only get packs if I get donations, so please consider donating so I at least have a playable deck. 🙂

How can people support you or participate in the Extra Life charity drive?

The links above. Anyone can join the MTG team and create a fundraising page. There are prizes for people who get the most donations.

Anything else you would like to tell our audience?

This weekend is about having fun! Come support the stream and the charity. Marshal, Matt Tabak, and Ryan Spain are commentating on the matches so it’s sure to be entertaining. Your donations help sick children and will also make the stream a bit more entertaining for everyone.

*Kenji has just announced on Twitter that he too will be joining the event!