Desert Bus for Hope Features Rare MtG Items as Prizes

Desert Bus for Hope, the annual charity live-stream event by Loading Ready Run and friends, began at 10am on November 12th, and features a record-breaking amount of MtG swag this year as prizes.

While the crew plays the infamous video game “Desert Bus,” they also participate in ridiculous challenges, singing and dancing breaks, and auctions and donation drives for great prizes. Wizards of the Coast and other MtG players have donated a huge amount of great items, including:

Uncut foil sheets
a 3D printed Zendikar Hedron
a Chandra skate deck
SDCC Exclusive Planeswalkers

an oversized card of Fleetwheel Cruiser
a tour of Wizards of the Coast complete with a sit down with Mark Rosewater

All proceeds go to Child’s Play, a charity that provides toys and games to hospitals and domestic violence shelters worldwide. You can participate in the auctions or donation drives by going to You will also find more information on all of the prizes available, including dates and times each go live.

Desert Bus for Hope 10 has already raised over $29,000 and will have to live-stream for 112 hours. In the past 9 years, Desert Bus for Hope has raised over $3.1 million for Child’s Play Charity.