*clears throat*

Hi there! Don’t mind me I was just getting my Dino on. For anyone that knows me it should come as no surprise that I decided to jump back into new standard with Green Red Dinosaurs. When Regisaur Alpha was spoiled it was immediately one of my favorite new cards. He’s my current desk ornament at work and I wasn’t going to just spend my days staring at that cute little guy and not casting him. On top of Regisaur being straight gasoline this deck gets to cast Carnage Tyrant, Magics’ newest big nasty. This is not a card I want to be trying to figure out how to deal with from the other side of the table.

Knowing I wanted to play Dinos I decided to browse some lists people were playing around with, made some tweaks, and this is what I settled on. Now keep in mind this is my first matches playing in the new standard environment so if I am missing a card I need in my list or that you think I need to be playing around. Please let me know. Okay, let’s dive in to Dinos!

Yep, that was everything I hoped for. Play big creatures, attack attack attack! While I will admit the deck felt a bit narrow I still had a good time. I was pleasantly surprised with how the match up went against Mono Red. I expected to get rolled over but the tiny bit of life gain combined with early interaction and a late game that they can’t deal with is a recipe for success.

As for the other matches go, we have a ton of hard to deal with creatures against control style decks. The issue I ran into was the Blue White Approach deck only needing to stall before being able to easily win with Approach. We unfortunately did not have a way to deal with that strategy. In a traditional control match up I believe this deck would surely shine but when control has access to such a proactive win condition the tables turn. If anyone has any ideas on how to sway that match to my favor I am all ears.

As it stands… I can’t wait to cast more Dinos!

If you want to see more of the deck come hang out on stream with me at twitch.tv/dcmdame and mention this article and I will gladly showcase it for you! Any comments or suggestions drop them here or on Twitch and I will happily get back to you. As always, thanks for checking out the article and remember it’s you, the fans, which make it all worth it!