Hello! Welcome back for another exciting week of Dave’s Deranged Decks. Today I will be jumping back into Modern. My deck of choice is B/W Planeswalker Control. The deck plays a bit more similar to a midrange deck rather than control after all there is no blue for counter spells. I must admit though I was pretty tempted to run some copies of Mana Tithe in the 75, I ultimately didn’t. Sorry to disappoint!

The idea behind the deck comes from the new legend rule surrounding planeswalkers. For anyone that does not know you can now have multiple cards in play that feature the same planeswalker. For example: I could have a Gideon of the Trials and a Gideon, Ally of Zendikar in play at the same time. This makes fitting a lot of the same planeswalker into a deck easier without the fear of not being able to cast it. Anyone feeling like Jace Tribal in Legacy next week?

Anyway, the rest of the deck is pretty straight forward featuring some of the best removal Modern has to offer as well as a pile of hand disruption. The idea is as long as the opponent can’t answer your army of planeswalkers they won’t be able to win the game. Lets take a look at the list and then see how that strategy works out for us!


We started off strong this league with our win against Affinity. Gideon of the Trials really showcased his power and modern playability in that match. After that things took a turn for the worst though. I do feel like the next couple matches were winnable and a combination of playing poorly and some bad luck may have cost us too many points towards the victory.

We got to play against a couple interesting Modern decks. Skred Red has grown in popularity quite a bit and Blood Moon absolutely destroyed us in that match however I don’t feel our deck is necessarily that weak to it even if the match up seemed to prove otherwise.

Then we faced a really spicy God Pharaoh’s Gift brew which certainly got my gears turning for an upcoming video set. Let me know if you have any ideas towards that for sure because I am guaranteed to give it a try myself.

I am looking forward to doing more crazy things with planeswalkers across formats with this new legend rule set for them. Attacking with multiple Gideons or activating both Liliana’s abilities to take out multiple creatures felt amazing. A little confusing but amazing just the same!

If you want to see more of the deck come hang out on stream with me at twitch.tv/dcmdame and mention this article and I will gladly showcase it for you! Any comments or suggestions drop them here or on Twitch and I will happily get back to you. As always, thanks for checking out the article and remember it’s you, the fans, which make it all worth it!