What’s that you say? Another Budgety Modern Monday with kponce? What are we playing this time? How about a brew; BW Humans! Oh yeah, no CoCos or Ancient Ziggurats here. Just Black and White and humans everywhere. And look out! Some of them can fly!

You want to tax ’em, but you want to wax ’em fast as well? This brew’s for you. It’s not as taxy as DnT, but it’s FAST. Turns out Champion of the Parish can pack a wallop. Who knew?

Pretty excited to show this one off as it was suggested by the chat on stream a couple weeks ago. BigBear94 shared a list with me that they were working on (thanks, by the way!) and I adapted it into this pretty little thing:

BW Humans

That’s the list, now check out the Deck Tech and 5 round League:

4-1! The brew comes through! Beat Scapeshift, Affinity, Dredge, and Bant. Lost to BW Eldrazi.

Whoa. I was worried against Scapeshift at first, then we won on turn 4. The only loss was to BW Eldrazi which I think is winnable with a fast draw, but certainly a bad match up. Otherwise, this deck felt great. Smooth mana, smooth curve, sleak little beatdown humans smashing our opponents from every angle! Let’s go! I’m honestly impressed with how good it felt. Had some good draws, but this deck is the real deal. Beatdowns and Taxes?

For budget concerns, this deck is around 200 tix. Not bad, but not the most budget deck. To mitigate cost you can play another Godless Shrine instead of Cavern of Souls and you could play 4 Ghost Quarter instead of the split with Mutavault. Cavern is great against Control, though, and I don’t suggest skimping there. For a less budget version, run more Caverns. Maybe an Engineered Explosives in the board.

Honestly, this deck is fun, resilient, disruptive, and FAST. I recommend it to anyone, especially if you already have Death and Taxes built. It won’t cost much to try and I’m sure you’ll like it. Perfect for your next League on MTGO or your next FNM!

One of the best parts about playing a brew is the equity gained from being an unknown quantity. If someone thinks you’re on DnT, they might not expect to get run over on turn 4. They might sideboard incorrectly or get blown out by Vizier of Deferment because well, no one has seen it in modern before and surely they won’t play around it. Use that anonymity to your advantage and get your smash on. I’m counting on you.

Come tell me about your spoils at twitch.tv/kponceMTG. I’m there most weekdays playing mostly Modern. Would love to hang with ya. Anyway, great fun this week. Happy human beat downs to you all. See ya next Monday!