Welcome back! So in this extra little article I wanted to talk about a few of my favorites in Eternal. It’s among my favorite games and it’s got a lot that I enjoy.  Now these are my lists and not anyone else’s. You’re allowed to disagree and I encourage it!  Anyways, first up let’s talk about my top 5 Digital Only Mechanics!

Top 5 Digital Only Mechanics

In this regard a “Digital Only Mechanic” is one that can’t be easily replicated for paper CCGs.  So while there are certain Lifeforce or Entomb cards that can’t be replicated the mechanic itself is.  With no further ado, let’s go!

5. Revenge

Revenge is a sweet mechanic that gives you extra uses out of your cards.  On spells like Victor’s Cry or Sleepless Night you get some extra utility and on units like Inquisitor Makto or Minotaur Duelist you get bonus value. It is a mechanic that dies pretty hard to Silence effects, but otherwise Revenge is among my favorite mechanics.

4. Warp

Focused in Fire and Time, Warp lets you play cards as if they were the top card of your deck. While Magic: the Gathering did experiment with playing cards off the top with mechanics like Miracle, this is a cleaner implementation thanks to being a digital only product. As far as the mechanic itself I love that you can sometimes just “draw the card off the top” instead of having to wait a turn to get it. There is some feel-bads when you are really looking for a power card but instead see a Heart of the Vault staring you in the face. But that is the price we pay!

3. Echo

While Revenge is pretty value ridden, there isn’t a mechanic that is as “value” as Echo. Drawing two copies of the same card is incredibly powerful.  Getting to get around the 4-of rule with Echo is amazing. That said, many of the Echo cards are a little overcosted, but you pay for that power. And who doesn’t love the marquee Echo card: Clockroach!

2. Infiltrate

Sure, “sabotuer mechanics” aren’t new and definitely exist in paper CCGs, but the implementation in Eternal is notable.  Making Infiltrate effects be one-offs on the first time you hit allows for more varied and more powerful effects. From Yeti Spy to West-Wind Herald, Infiltrate has had its day in the sun.  Plus Scouting Party is SOO MUCH FUN!

1: Warcry

Unsurprisingly, Warcry is my favorite mechanic.  Going on units and weapons, giving the top unit/weapon of your deck +N/+N is a very powerful effect.  I’ve won many games because my small dorky Oni Ronin or Rakano Outlaw got to attack three or more times and getting to slam a 8/8 Silverwing Familiar or a +12/+12 Deepforged Plate.  It’s super fun and definitely takes my top spot!

Top 5 Favorite Cards

Next up, let me reveal to you my favorite cards!

5: Nictotraxian

From Jekk’s Bounty, Nictotraxian is an incredibly fun card.  Drawing a random card from all of Eternal can be swingy in both good and bad ways.  Plus putting Nicto back into your deck with effects like Second Sight or Nesting Avisaur allows you to increase how much value you’re getting. And she’s a DRAGON! Dragons are AWESOME!

4: Navani, Warsinger

One of the first Legendaries I opened back in the closed beta is Navani, Warsinger.  She is the BOMB.  As you see above my favorite mechanic is Warcry, and Navani takes Warcry and turns it to 11.  Sure Icaria, the Liberator takes the spotlight with Charge and Warcry 5, but being able to Warcry your entire deck is the splashy effect that I love.

3: Wump, Party Starter

If you hate the Eternal Yetis, I don’t believe you.  Every CCG worth its salt has some sort of tribal synergies that it plays off of. Sure the Strangers are the ones that scream PLAY MORE STRANGERS, but Wump gives you something really fun to do with your Yetis. Plus playing Wump and then playing Scouting Party makes me feel like a kid again!

2: Cabal Countess

Cabal Countess is a great card for several reasons. Upon her release she helped push Shadow-based aggro decks as a 4/1 Ambush that can turn into a 6/1 Quickdraw.  And 6/1 Quickdraw is an important stat-line. Being able to attack through a Sandstorm Titan and now a Heart of the Vault was important. While she hasn’t been as good in the Tavrod metagame, she remains one of my favorite cards. And no it’s not because of the art.

1: Oni Ronin

Sometimes I’m a bit of a Johnny, a bit of a Timmy, and a bit of a Mel. But at my core I’m definitely a Spike.  And no card speaks to my aggro tendencies like Oni Ronin. A clean, simple design: 1F 2/1 with Warcry 1. There isn’t another unit you’d least like to see on Turn 1 on your opponent’s side, and there isn’t’ another unit you want to see in your opening hand more. Yes Warcry can snowball out of control sometimes, but it all revolves around Turn 1 Oni Ronin.

Thanks for following along here today! Hopefully this gives you a better insight into how I like to play Eternal!

As always you can give me comments/questions on Reddit, the Discord, or Twitter @jwiley129.  Thanks so much for following along and I’ll see y’all next time!