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  1. You can support the stream, the site, and all of the new content by purchasing merchandise. Numot Gaming is focused on creating unique and awesome art, apparel, and gaming accessories that will enhance your own enjoyment of Magic.
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Numot Gaming Players Club

For years Kenji has been an off again on again member of the players club, this is a measurable level of success that when a player’s rating on MTGO exceeds 1900 they have then crossed the threshold to being “A Player”. In 2015 Kenji double dipped and managed to exceed 1900 in both constructed and limited simultaneously! This achievement is one of two ultimate player achievements. The second ultimate achievement is to reach a 2,000 rating in either standard or constructed.

Subscribers who achieve player status in either limited or constructed can submit their Twitch name and a screen shot of their player’s status to be honored on the website. Subscribers that achieve player status will, once during the 2016 calendar year, receive a custom player’s gift. If any subscriber achieves one of the two ultimate player status they will be invited to help Numot Gaming design the ultimate players reward.

Merchandise has its own Rewards.

Whether you are a subscriber or not, in 2016, if you win a GP / SCGO / PT / SSS and wear Numot Gaming apparel during the entire event and are featured on the event coverage, you will be invited to be immortalized with your own Numot Gaming painting and token.

Content Opportunity

Want to contribute content to the website? Please contact the team and Numot Gaming and someone will reach out to you to determine how we might be able to work together.