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GP Louisville Results Analysis

As Legacy players, we don’t have that many premier events a year, so when one happens it’s always a very exciting time as there is a lot of new information to process. Today I’m going to be looking at the top 32 decklists of GP Louisville, unfortunately it looks like WotC will not be publishing…

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Climbing to Diamond with Queen Jito

Hey this is Bryan “Veveil” Hohns with my first article for NumotGaming. I’ve played Magic for nearly three years, stopping along the way to try alternatives such as Hearthstone/Hex and was not convinced a better card game existed; that is, until I discovered Eternal. I am thrilled to be working with NumotGaming on providing content…

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Legacy Tips and Tricks

Hello, my name is Louis and I will be holding a Legacy column here on Numotgaming. Before we start delving deeper into specific decks, I would like to start with some technical advice that I hope will help most of you, whether you are new to the format or grizzled veterans. The Wasteland and Snapcaster…

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BadGuyBrews – A Dump of Wumps

So there is a new promo out — Wump, Party Starter. He really has gotten the party started and the deck Ideas flowing. I believe that there are a couple of interesting directions that you can take Wump because he improves the value of a few cards that were undervalued in closed betaand are only seeing play now in…

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Standard Showdown Pack Opening

The Standard Showdown is coming, and with it are some cool new reward packs. Starting November 26th and continuing each Saturday until Dec. 17th, the Standard Showdown is a special event showcasing everything to love about Standard. To support this, Wizards have handed out new Standard Showdown packs to participating stores. These boosters will contain:…

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Seeking Power | Patch Analysis Part 2

Earlier this week I covered the New Cards and Functional Changes to cards in the latest patch, and today I am going to be looking at the rest of the changes. I have not included rating updates generally here as things didn’t change often enough to warrant it, but certainly read the comments to see…

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Eternal Constructed: The Beginning

Why I chose Combrei as my first Eternal deck Ever since I brought my first homemade Magic: The Gathering deck to my first tournament when I was eleven years old, I’ve been hooked on constructed play. That feeling of excitement when you sit down from your opponent and see if all your creativity and planning…

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