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Eternally Innovating – Breaking Divining Rod

Hey everyone, I’m back again with yet another oldie but a goodie from the earlier days of beta. Overwhelma-rod, or as it was once known Overwhelmaton. I’m also going to writing a bit about the history of the deck and its sister decks Double Cheat and Flight School. (A Divining Rod/Grasping at Shadows deck designed…

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Eternally Innovating – Overrated | Underrated

When I first started writing this article I originally wanted to see if I could find overrated and underrated cards for every faction and dual-faction combination. Unfortunately there simply aren’t enough cards for me to find gems in every faction that were missed, or cards that are over hyped. So this list will not be…

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New cards! – Promo System and Scouting Party

Patch 1.11 is here and with it comes the new Promo System! Promos are the way by which Direwolf will inject new cards into the metagame between major set releases. Promos are unique new cards that are available through winning your first game of the day for a two week window. After that two week…

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