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Building Sideboards 101: Combrei Midrange

Hello, I’m Reed Alexander, and I’m here to talk to you about sideboarding. I am an Eternal tournament grinder and streamer known as “iReedMinds” in-game. I am the Season 2 Invitational Champion, along with two Top 8 Weekly finishes in three weeks during Season 2. I also have a background in Magic: The Gathering playing…

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Vara’s Journey Review

Greetings, this is Bryan “Veveil” Hohns with my third article for NumotGaming (and likely my last time using this introduction). I had originally planned to have Part 2 of my last article up a week after the first, but life had different plans. I was in the hospital twice last week and ended up having…

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Eternal’s Color Pie Pt. 1 + New Cards!

Hey this is Bryan “Veveil” Hohns with my second article for NumotGaming. For today’s feature I want to touch on something in Eternal that shapes not only my current understanding of the game, but also offers a glimpse into the game’s future. I’m talking about Eternal’s color pie; the basis by which the identity of…

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Climbing to Diamond with Queen Jito

Hey this is Bryan “Veveil” Hohns with my first article for NumotGaming. I’ve played Magic for nearly three years, stopping along the way to try alternatives such as Hearthstone/Hex and was not convinced a better card game existed; that is, until I discovered Eternal. I am thrilled to be working with NumotGaming on providing content…

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BadGuyBrews – A Dump of Wumps

So there is a new promo out — Wump, Party Starter. He really has gotten the party started and the deck Ideas flowing. I believe that there are a couple of interesting directions that you can take Wump because he improves the value of a few cards that were undervalued in closed betaand are only seeing play now in…

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Eternal Legendary Recycling Guide

First, a quick note about vocabulary. What we’re discussing here is the act of trading in your cards in exchange for crafting materials (Shiftstone). The game calls this “Destroying”, but coming from other games you might be more familiar with “dusting” or “disenchanting” (“DE”) or some other  term. There has been ongoing disagreement in the…

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Peppr’s Spicy Deck Techs : Fatal Fury

As one could expect from a post-wipe environment, especially one that has seen a lot of balance changes, the meta for Eternal since the start of Open Beta has been somewhat unexciting for jank lovers like myself. Lots of aggro, lots of burn, lots of face-going and not much in the way of innovation. Fortunately,…

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Open Letter to DWD : Make Crown Great Again !

The title of this piece is fairly self explanatory, and I know it will immediately resonate with a significant portion of the closed beta player base. However, I can’t really talk about this without first introducing to the more recently arrived players what it is I want to make Great Again, so behold : The…

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Seeking Power | Patch Analysis Part 2

Earlier this week I covered the New Cards and Functional Changes to cards in the latest patch, and today I am going to be looking at the rest of the changes. I have not included rating updates generally here as things didn’t change often enough to warrant it, but certainly read the comments to see…

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