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Praxis Warp Part 2 by Keith Watabashi

Keith does battle again with his Praxis Warp deck before this weekend’s tournament. Missed Keith’s first video with this deck, catch it here.   Update 5-2 at ETS w/ Praxis Warp. Deck was great, all losses due to plays and draws. Thanks RNG for hosting. @direwolfdigital @EternalCardGame — Keith Watabayashi (@KeithWatabayash) July 22, 2017

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Eternal Deck Tech – Armory Blue

Omens of the Past is out and everyone is excited to brew with the new cards. This list does a little experimenting on a proven formula from last set, Armory decks. Mixing in Primal instead of Shadow to gain access to new weapons and spells like Eilyn’s Choice and Duelist’s Blade, it’s a new spin…

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Praxis Warp by Keith Watabashi

Watch as Keith takes his first brew through a set of bruising battles and come out victorious. 2 Predator’s Instinct 4 Torch 4 Noble Firemane 4 Temple Scribe 4 Avirax Familiar 2 Dawnwalker 4 Journeyman Armorer 2 Scorpion Wasp 2 Brilliant Discovery 4 Sandstorm Titan 4 Xenan Obelisk 4 Shatterglass Mage 3 Waystone Infuser 3…

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