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Eternal Patch 1.18 Review

One of the notable aspects of physical card games is their immunity to balance changes/nerfs. Tarmogoyf will never cost 2G, never have */* P/T, and never cost less than $100. Such is Magic. But Eternal is not Magic, and balance has come to the game in the form of Patch 1.18. This Patch brings many…

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Full Force Draft – Eternal Strangers

This week on Full Force things are going to look a bit different. By popular request I’m covering a draft in Eternal, not Magic. First, I should explain a little bit about what exactly Eternal is. Designed by the team at Direwolf Digital – a veritable who’s who of Magic pros – Eternal is a…

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Belated Jekk’s Bounty Review

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Z, apparently when I said “focus on cranking out some articles” I meant “fall into a lazy stupor for an entire month”. Thankfully I took the right colored pill and have re-entered the world of living, breathing card games. In my absence though, DWD added Jekk’s Bounty to…

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Cabal Spymaster + Yetis

4 Levitate (Set1 #190) 4 Permafrost (Set1 #193) 4 Suffocate (Set1 #251) 4 Yeti Spy (Set1 #191) 4 Annihilate (Set1 #269) 4 Lethrai Ranger (Set1 #270) 4 Yeti Snowslinger (Set1 #203) 4 Direwood Beastcaller (Set1 #271) 4 Wump, Party Starter (Set1 #511) 4 Cabal Spymaster (Set1001 #14) 4 Champion of Cunning (Set1 #371) 4 Scouting…

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Seeking Power : Jekk’s Bounty Ranked Review

The first mini expansion to Eternal released a few weeks ago, Jekk’s Bounty. Today I am going to review the cards that came out of it for Ranked play. I am rating the cards from 0.0-5.0 with 5.0 being the best based on their power level and viability in the current Ranked meta. I will…

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Building Sideboards 101: Combrei Midrange

Hello, I’m Reed Alexander, and I’m here to talk to you about sideboarding. I am an Eternal tournament grinder and streamer known as “iReedMinds” in-game. I am the Season 2 Invitational Champion, along with two Top 8 Weekly finishes in three weeks during Season 2. I also have a background in Magic: The Gathering playing…

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Vara’s Journey Review

Greetings, this is Bryan “Veveil” Hohns with my third article for NumotGaming (and likely my last time using this introduction). I had originally planned to have Part 2 of my last article up a week after the first, but life had different plans. I was in the hospital twice last week and ended up having…

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