Tag: Dave’s Deranged Decks

Hour of Devastation Box Opening With Dave Dame

Here we are within the Hour of Devastation! Today I decided to record a box opening of the newest magic set. I would like to begin to do box openings for each set so let me know if you enjoy the content or what I need to improve on. Hour of Devastation looks like a…

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Modern RB Moon Rats | Dave Dame

Hello everyone! I have an exciting brew for you this week for some more modern action. Modern is my favorite format currently because you have access to so many fun and powerful cards that it’s hard not to brew. I overheard a couple friends talking about this deck at work and as soon as I…

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Modern UW Flash | Dave Dame

Welcome everyone to my very first article with Numot Gaming. This will be a continuation of my Deck Trials series in which I will bring you some exciting brews across a variety of formats. Limited included of course! This week we will be giving a Blue/White flash deck a try in Modern. I was inspired…

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