Your eyes are not deceiving you. This 103% kill participation card is a real thing.103-kill-participation
Apparently this isn’t a new phenomenon but it wasn’t something I had experienced, until last night. I had only heard about this happening in AI games.  However last night I ended up in a Quick Play game facing off against 3 Torbjorn and 1 Symmetra on the other team.  What I learned at the end of that game is that you can generate a kill participation score in excess of 100%.  The reason this is possible is because kill participation counts include all eliminations not just player eliminations.

As far as I know destroying the following things will add to your kill participation percentage:
Junkrat’s Mine & Trap
Torbjorn’s Turret
Mei’s Icewall
Widowmaker’s Poison Trap
D.Va’s Mech
Symmetra’s Turrets

Things that might also register participation score are shields, because damage is recorded and shields are destroyed however we don’t have hard evidence that this is the case.
Reinhardt’s Shield
Winston’s Shield

The other big announcement today is that Blizzard has confirmed that Zenyatta is going to have her discord orb effect diminished.

Zenyatta is definitely playing a lot better these days. At this point anecdotal feedback, internal stats, and competitive feedback are all showing he’s actually a bit *too* strong at the moment.

At this point we’re looking likely to reduce some of his power in an upcoming patch, probably related to his Discord Orb.

It was also confirmed that we should expect a upgrade to Mercy.

If she were to get a new ability it would ideally have to be something that she could use more ‘outside of combat’ or something that is generally used much more rarely. That said there are some things we can do to help her out in the near future.

And finally it was announced that there will probably be a mini buff to Mei’s ultimate.

Currently her ult can feel a bit unwieldy and inconsistent, especially when you compare it to other similar ults such as Reinhardt’s. We’re internally testing allowing the ultimate projectile she throws to pierce barriers (such as Reinhardt’s shield), and increasing the radius a bit on it.

As soon as these changes go into effect we will test them and record some video showing the results as well as share our opinions on the effectiveness of the outcomes.