“I’VE DONE IT! At long last, I my hard work has all paid off!”


“Done what? Break the Aether Revolt format?”

“Well… No. Not really.”

“So, your deck was really good?”

“Probably not.”

“Ah! You made something that was silly and fun.”

“See for yourself”

Making this video has taught me a very important lesson; Planeswalkers in limited are very powerful. Joking aside, despite the wins that the five colour deck got this week, I do think it is less viable than last week’s aggro RB sacrifice build. Despite the fixing and artifacts available in the format, the synergies don’t always play well across colours. In that way, it’s still fairly similar to when we tried a five colour build in Kaladesh. When decks are set up along wedge colours to maximize syergies like playing Implement of Ferocity into Winding Constrictor into Defiant Salvager it doesn’t matter that you play the “best” individual cards because you miss out on the big synergies that really run the format.

The big saving grace from Aether Revolt is Improvise. I had originally thought the best way to make a five colour deck was to be base green for the fixing, but after this attempt it seems better to go some combination of Red/Black/Blue, filling your deck with as many artifacts as possible to keep the mana requirements low and if you manage to pick up a few Renegade Maps or Prophetic Prisms then you can grab one or two White and Green cards if needed.

Grade: C-

Next week, in the escalating series of bad decisions that is my life I promised to explore the viability of one specific card: Consulate Turret. So get ready as I make the worst/best deck we’ve ever created on Full Force!