If you’ve been following my articles since early beta then you’d know I was the original author of the Primal Armory decks that have become the 4f decks that they are today. While many Armory players are wishful for a old time when high diamond and masters were filled with 4f Armory decks crushing opponents, the domination of the ladder by Party Hour in the previous month has completely held Armory at bay, until now! Utilizing the latest in “making stuff deader” technologies, I present to you a new breed of 4f Armory.

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| Justice | Elysian – Combrei | Feln – Stonescar | Rakano – Factionless
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Side Deck:

2 x Valkyrie Enforcer
1 x Furnace Mage
2 x Steward of the Past

3 x Lightning Storm
4 x Vanquish
1 x Plague

Fast Spell:
1 x Backlash

Relic Weapon:
1 x Lifedrinker

Like all Primal Armory decks before it, this deck aims to establish the hard lock of Sword of the Sky King + Harsh Rule to quickly kill the opponent after forcing the game into the later stages. Almost all of your removal is also a threat, so don’t forget to evaluate your position at all times and realize when you can run away with a game just by attacking them with a Sword of Icaria. Inspire and Rakano Artisan increase the overall effectiveness of your weapons, while giving the deck velocity in the early game.

While the deck does contain creatures, they often only act as blockers and spells either buffing your weapons or generating armor. While there are comparable spells we could replace them with, they allow our Smuggler’s Stash to draw four cards instead of only two. It’s very important to know that the correct mix of weapon is highly metagame dependent and there some metagames where you want as little as only two Sword of Icaria in your deck with no other early weapons. Make sure to tune your removal and you’ll find this deck can do well in any metagame where Sword of the Sky King is a powerful lock.

The main cards that are problematic for this deck are Dawnwalker and Champion of Cunning as both play very well into our weapon based strategy. Luckily both seem to be off players radar for the most part so this current metagame is very friendly to a well tuned Armory list.

You will beat up on all the Jito decks quite easily and the smaller Combrei decks will fold to your larger weapons and Harsh Rules. Any control matchup is skewed in your favor immensely. The original rise of 4F Armory was the first death of Camelless Control and the dual nature of your removal allows you to play the aggressor as early as possible while being hard to interact with.

That’s all for this week. It’s been hinted that we’ll be getting a new patch next week with some interesting goodies that I’m looking forward to writing about! Rumor even has it that card voice lines are in the pipeline! Happy slicing and dicing with Armory, and look forward to next week’s article.

Always innovating,
Peter Golightly

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