Welcome to episode 2 of Elder Dragon Hoedown here on NumotGaming.com! In this series, streamers Derek Boyko (theboyks), Tom Delia (MTGRadio), Travis Sowers (Semulin), and Archie Owen (ACOwen) will battle it out each episode with a variety of crazy and fun Commander decks to see who is the best at making everyone else at the table laugh.

Deck Lists? Yes, we skipped them for Episode 1 and were slackers for Episode 2 but we will be updating these articles with deck lists and going forward we will have deck lists ready for Episode 3 and beyond!

Derek (theboyks) Boyko

Tom’s Deck Tech

Archie’s Deck Tech

Derek’s Deck Tech

Travis’ Deck Tech

Now Let’s Get The Hoedown Started!