Welcome to the inaugural episode of Elder Dragon Hoedown here on NumotGaming.com! In this series, streamers Derek Boyko (theboyks), Tom Delia (MTGRadio), Travis Sowers (Semulin), and Archie Owen (ACOwen) will battle it out each episode with a variety of crazy and fun Commander decks to see who is the best at making everyone else at the table laugh.

The focus of this series is both on educating players about multiplayer magic and having a lot of fun while doing so. In this episode, the four of us each grabbed our favorite decks for a good old fashioned battle royale. Have a suggestion for a future show? Think a battle of the blocks sounds fun? Have a Barktooth Warbeard deck idea you always wanted to see come to fruition? Let us know!

Derek (theboyks) Boyko

Tom’s Deck Tech

Archie’s Deck Tech

Derek’s Deck Tech

Travis’ Deck Tech

Now Let’s Get The Hoedown Started!