Full Force Draft – Cube UR Tempo

Cube is back on Magic Online and we’re delving into the UR Tempo deck. I say “Cube” instead of Modern Cube because for good or ill, this new Cube is very, very similar to the previous Legacy Cubes. It makes Cube slightly less interesting if you’ve played a lot of them, since it ends up…

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Eternal Patch 1.18 Review

One of the notable aspects of physical card games is their immunity to balance changes/nerfs. Tarmogoyf will never cost 2G, never have */* P/T, and never cost less than $100. Such is Magic. But Eternal is not Magic, and balance has come to the game in the form of Patch 1.18. This Patch brings many…

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Full Force Draft – Eternal Strangers

This week on Full Force things are going to look a bit different. By popular request I’m covering a draft in Eternal, not Magic. First, I should explain a little bit about what exactly Eternal is. Designed by the team at Direwolf Digital – a veritable who’s who of Magic pros – Eternal is a…

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Belated Jekk’s Bounty Review

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Z, apparently when I said “focus on cranking out some articles” I meant “fall into a lazy stupor for an entire month”. Thankfully I took the right colored pill and have re-entered the world of living, breathing card games. In my absence though, DWD added Jekk’s Bounty to…

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