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Elsik Brews: A Sample of Grixis in Modern

Grixis as a color combination in Modern isn’t the most popular choice in the current metagame. A Grixis Midrange/Control deck doesn’t appear to have the strongest of tools for dealing with the other unfair decks that are available. Grixis Delver also appears less powerful when sized-up against other linear decks such as Infect, Affinity, Burn, Death Shadow,…

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Crushing Standard at the SCG Invitational weekend

This past weekend I had the opportunity to play in the SCG Invitational at New Jersey. This was a mixed format (Standard + Modern) tournament with an impressive number of highly skilled players in attendance and ready to battle. Preparing for this event was unusual in that I didn’t need to just have one deck I was…

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Elsik Brews – BW Renewal

With the release of Battle for Zendikar there were two new cards that caught my attention for Modern: and . These two cards were very similar to two other cards that have been around in Modern for a while but saw little play: and .

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