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AJTV Live 17 – Tactical Racing

The first ever LIVE episode of AJTV! We go over the standard match from round 13 of Pro Tour Aether Revolt between Alexander Hayne (Mardu Vehicles) and Ken Yukuhiro (GB Constrictor). Excuse my sick-voice and getting used my hotkeys. Let me know what you think!  

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Louisville Legacy Look

The first tournament of the year is a Legacy GP in Louisville. I don’t get to talk much about Legacy, which is a shame, so this is a nice way to start this series off. Especially considering that both the SCG Player’s Championship had a Legacy portion, and a Legacy GP in Chiba happened only…

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Delirium: Contemporary Rock Emerges

The Rock is one of the staple archetypes of Magic and has been for 20 years, but despite having a long and storied history, it has tended to be often a contender but never truly dominant. I can count the times that a Rock strategy has been the deck to beat on one hand, and…

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Make Team Unified Constructed Great Again

Team Unified Constructed is an awesome idea with poor implementation. What’s not to like? People love team events, constructed rates higher than limited, and you push format diversity and deckbuilding creativity by making teams work together to solve this unique puzzle. When I was first starting to play competitive Magic, they ran a PTQ (back…

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The Clock, Part 2: Fallacies and Strategies

This is the second part of this piece, so I recommend checking out the first part here before continuing. Last week, I explained how devastating unintentional draws are and thus how important clock management is, then went over some ways to avoid running out of time including controlling the pace of play and utilizing shortcuts….

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The Clock, Part 1: Pacing and Shortcuts

To win Magic tournaments, you have to be good at Magic. But you also have to be good at winning, and good at tournaments. Tournament skills are discussed very little in strategy content, and when they are, it’s usually a retreading of “stay hydrated” and the like. One of the least discussed tournament skills is…

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