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Eternal Legendary Recycling Guide

First, a quick note about vocabulary. What we’re discussing here is the act of trading in your cards in exchange for crafting materials (Shiftstone). The game calls this “Destroying”, but coming from other games you might be more familiar with “dusting” or “disenchanting” (“DE”) or some other  term. There has been ongoing disagreement in the…

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Peppr’s Spicy Deck Techs : Fatal Fury

As one could expect from a post-wipe environment, especially one that has seen a lot of balance changes, the meta for Eternal since the start of Open Beta has been somewhat unexciting for jank lovers like myself. Lots of aggro, lots of burn, lots of face-going and not much in the way of innovation. Fortunately,…

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Open Letter to DWD : Make Crown Great Again !

The title of this piece is fairly self explanatory, and I know it will immediately resonate with a significant portion of the closed beta player base. However, I can’t really talk about this without first introducing to the more recently arrived players what it is I want to make Great Again, so behold : The…

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Peppr’s Spicy Deck Techs : Xenan Serial Killers

Today I’m taking a break from the Getting Started series to go back to one of my favorite things, writing about my slightly zany but somewhat functional brews. This deck is particularly close to my heart because it is in my favorite “minor” faction combination, Xenan (Time & Shadow). I’ve made countless decks in these…

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Getting Started in Eternal : Combrei Edition

Welcome to this second edition of the Getting Started in Eternal guide (the first edition, Rakano, can be found here). Rakano was an easy first pick, as it is well established as a budget-friendly choice ; this time we’ll be looking at the Time & Justice faction pair, which is called Combrei. One of the…

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Getting Started in Eternal: Rakano Edition

Hi! I’m Thomas “Peppr” Brun, Eternal fan, brewing enthusiast, and latest addition to the Numot Gaming Eternal team! I’ve joined Eternal very early in the closed beta and have been playing the game every day since. I made my modest mark on the community by winning the second edition of Scion’s League with a home…

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