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The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Hello friends! Kenji here, with attempts to regale you with the wonderful new card game that is The Elder Scrolls: Legends (TESL). If you watch my stream with any regularity you’ll know that I’ve become quite fond of this game, which is a nice alternative to many of the other available card games you’ve probably…

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Drafting With Numot Triple Zendikar

If you have never drafted Triple Zendikar before, you will quickly learn that speed kills and full art lands are awesome. Are you ready to see how greedy Kenji is? Pay for the drift pick 1, then feel awkward the rest of the way as you pass an early Vampre Nighthawk pick 1 and Felidar…

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Grapple with the Past

Drafting with Numot – Eldritch Moon 1

What happens when you open great red cards pack 1? Great white cards pack 2? And see solid black cards all draft?  Of course Kenji goes mono green splashing everything!  Watch and listen as Kenji shares his perspective on cards and synergies as he punishes himself for his drafting decisions and still ends up with…

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Eldritch Moon Sealed Deckbuilding Exercise

Hello Friends and welcome to our first Sealed Deckbuilding exercise here on ! Eldritch Moon has dropped on Magic Online and so I thought I’d take a stab at opening a pool and running a little experiment with you lovely folks. The first video will explain. (Don’t open the second video just yet). 1…

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