Kenji Egashira at GP Oakland 2016
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A fan of all limited formats, Kenji Egashira, better known as his online handle “NumotTheNummy”, has been playing Magic for over 15 years. While he doesn’t (yet) have any Pro Tour experience to his name, he’s cemented himself as one of the most entertainingly prolific players in the community. You can usually catch him streaming over at www.twitch.tv/numotthenummy.

Kenji currently resides in Washington State, just outside of Seattle.  Kenji graduated from Washington State University in 2011 with a double degree in Sociology & Anthropology.  After a while of working less than thrilling jobs, Kenji successfully took on the one year live streaming challenge, where he played Magic on stream every day.  The success and popularity of that event has allowed Kenji to turn Twitch streaming into his full time job.

Along with streaming Magic, Kenji regularly attends live events either as a participant or as part of a larger coverage team.  This year Kenji plans to attend a significant number of events and along with his Numot Gaming partners he hopes to make a splash in both the GP and PT scene.

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No one loves Magic more than AJ.  A veteran of the Magic tournament scene for nearly a decade AJ was the model of consistency.  AJ played in 10 Magic PTs to go along with 2 Grand Prix top 8s, and 15 SCG Open top 8s including in those top 8s are 2 wins!  After taking some time off of the tournament scene AJ is now back with Numot Gaming and we expect him to quickly return to the highest levels of professional Magic.

Currently AJ is a full time poker player in Las Vegas, Nevada. AJ streams Magic two days a week at www.twitch.tv/ajsacher as well as producing content for Numot Gaming.  AJ is also famous for being one of the earliest adopters of Twitch.tv as a Magic streaming platform.  Along with streaming live, AJ also produces a number of video series with AJTV being the most well-known.  You can support AJ’s efforts via his Patreon.

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AJ Sacher at GP Oakland 2016
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Steve Rubin is a Magic player from Pittsburgh, PA.  Now 23 years old, Steve is a long time player, beginning at the age of 6. Steve learned to play competitive Magic through playing at the esteemed Carnegie Mellon University.  After his 35th attempt, he was able to finally to take down a PTQ.  Since then, he has 2 SCG Open Wins and 3 Grand Prix Top 8s.

Steve will be contributing a weekly Wednesday draft column as well as sharing his own thoughts on the game and experiences.  You can also connect with Steve at his website A Symphony of Snores.


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[ivan_title title_tag=”h2″ align=”left” c_id=”.vc_1456939583366″]Frank Lepore[/ivan_title]

Frank Lepore has played Magic for over 20 years, in which time he has created popular columns like The Leporatory, The Lepore Report, and Modern Monday. In addition to a Grand Prix Top 8 and being a member of the 2014 Magic Community Cup, he recently added a Pro Tour Top 8 to his resume at his very first Pro Tour.

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Brandon is a 15 year Magic veteran originally from St. Louis, but now resides in Kansas City where he works for a lawfirm. He established his fame as a renowned Magic Online personality and streamer. His Magic Online streams are less frequent but he is still quite vocal and present on Twitter about all things Magic.

His noteable paper appearances include two Pro Tours and a number of Grand Prix Day 2s. He has pioneered a number of famous decks throughout all formats including Momir Basic, and he typically prefers playing off-meta decks. He also is a fan of white bordered cards.

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