When we started Numot Gaming we believed it was important to reward those subscribers that have been dedicated to the growth of the stream and Kenji’s ability to do this full time. We know there has been a lot of support provided along the way, however two years is incredible dedication and for those members of the “Num Num Dum Dum Sub Club” we wanted to provide an extra special Thank You! by helping you “Reap The Rewards” of your long standing loyalty.

To this end, we employed Lake Hurwitz to design art that represented some of the history of Kenji’s stream as well as incorporating some new features from the site. The painting harkens back to the days of “Brown Town” with a warriors horned helmet, the ship delivers the Numot Dragon in full glory and of course we hope the crew represents all of you.

With our partners at Inked Gaming, Kenji was able to acquire Playmats featuring Lake’s painting. These Playmats have started shipping and to all those who receive them Numot Gaming would love to see you with your Playmat! Use the contact form to send us an Imgur link showing you with your Playmat and your twitch handle and we will highlight your dedication on this thread.

Numot Gaming wants to again thank all past, current and long standing subscribers and viewers.

KoaxKoax took his Numot Playmat to battle and pulled these sweet picks in his first SOI draft!  Yes that is Olvia and Avacyn! #numotNeverLucky!